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Gender has been an important factor in determining the social position and employment of women since history. From the moment a person opens his eyes to the world, he is nourished and shaped according to the gender perception in that society. This concept, which is expressed in different meanings for women and men, prepares women for a patriarchal and employment-related life, except for maternal and employment. Factors such as the social environment of individuals and the culture they live in are also very important in terms of the possibility of causing discrimination as a result of the responsibilities that society attributes to women and men in the concept of gender. Today, as a result of the roles and responsibilities attributed to women due to their gender perception, apart from their biological differences, they are exposed to many discriminatory treatments and difficulties are experienced in women's employment. According to well known that women comprising nearly half of the total population in the world and Turkey, on behalf of the result in discriminatory approach to women's employment concept of gender perception in taking the necessary measures, women's empowerment, development and taking an active role in working life should be ensured.

Perception of gender, Traditional gender roles, Gender roles


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