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It is thought that medicinal-aromatic plants in Kastamonu are not known enough. Therefore, it is seen as beneficial to shed light on this issue. Medicinal-aromatic plants are seen as important for health. This study is carried out with the aim of researching the medicinal-aromatic plants of Kastamonu province. Medicinal-aromatic plants have an important place in health. Kastamonu province is in an advantageous position in terms of plant diversity and soil fertility. This study is important in terms of revealing the medicinal-aromatic plant potential of Kastamonu. The method of this research is qualitative research method. Document analysis is planned within the scope of this method. In other words, document analysis technique was used effectively in data collection and analysis processes. The data of this research were obtained and analyzed by document analysis method. Within the scope of this method, important studies with theses, articles, newspaper articles, internet pages, medicinal and aromatic plants were examined. Kastamonu has very rich resources in terms of medicinal-aromatic plant potential. These resources are thought to have important impacts on people's health. It is stated that medicinal-aromatic plants in Kastamonu should be promoted and marketed more intensely and more effectively.



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